Guide name: Primagames Warhammer Online Strategy Guide

Download: Primagames Warhammer Online Strategy Guide

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Primagames’ Warhammer Online Strategy guide is one of those guides you never ever want to buy. Really, I’m serious. Clerks usually ask you half a dozen times at Gamestop and other stores if you would like to buy it with your copy of whatever game you’re buying, including Warhammer Online. I should note, yes this is the guide being advertised on the official War website!

First of all, there’s also Atlas, another guide for Warhammer by Primagames which is supposed to have all the instances, public quest locations and maps in general. Well, the Strategy guide has that too, so if for some obscure reason you still want to buy it, at least don’t waste your money on both of the guides.

Second, these guides are outdated. There’s patches and updates to Warhammer being added almost on a daily basis, and since these guides are hard copies they are never updated (ok ok, there is an online .PDF version but it’s not updated anyway). All the guides I reviewed so far have free lifetime updates and the downloads are free for as many times as you want. Also, the authors are very quick to respond to the latest changes made so you always have the most up-to-date guide.

But enough talk about other guides: you’re probably wondering already why this one sucks so much. Unlike in other leveling guides, the maps in Primagames’ guide show you absolutely nothing you can’t discover yourself. Ashling’s, Penn’s, hell almost every other guide has detailed maps with quest locations and secret or hard to reach areas which you normally don’t discover unless you’re really fond of exploring. And yes, most of those locations are worth seeing! Primagames’ guide will only show the maps you can see in-game (or on various websites for that matter).

On another note, this is supposed to be a strategy guide, yet it talks mostly about RvR, and does a very poor job at that too. It tells you basics like you should cast heals if you’re a healer. Duh! There’s really no value in this. Scenario guides might help you if you’re really really new to the whole concept, but the info you’ll get from this guide can be learned in five minutes or less by playing one.

Here’s an excerpt from the shaman guide to give you some idea:

Me offensive spells iz so damaging dey iz hot. Get back all your pointies, I’s gonnashow you me real power. No worries me Destruction buddies, we Shamans will keep you alive wif our healing. Shamans wif da help of almighty Mork can cast powerful healing spells fer one target or da whole group. Dats our main role iz to support da group an’ keep dem healthy. Shamans get range too. No needs to be up close an’ smell dem stinky stunty breath. Cast dem spells from long range.

There’s also a chapter about careers, which is actually not that shabby, if not for the fact it’s outdated. It shows you a comparison of morale abilities, tactics and mastery paths, but did I mention it’s outdated?

To clear up any possible confusion and doubts, I’ll say it again: this thing costs $24,99 and it’s nearly worthless! If you want a really good leveling guide, get Ashling’s Leveling Guide, and if you’re up for a strategy guide grab yourself a copy of Killerguides Warhammer Strategy guide and drool!