Guide name: The Unofficial Warhammer Online Guide

Download: The Unofficial Warhammer Online Guide

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

This is certainly one of the most detailed leveling guides out there. Not only does it have “the usual” leveling paths and quest walkthroughs found in other leveling guides, but also a bunch of other useful tips and tricks of the trade, like how to take advantage of the killing spree bonuses, gain more renown and experience in various scenarios, how to easily get more contribution points on public quests, hidden grinding spots, the list goes on.

Killerguides guide got a 4/5 rating as a leveling guide, but what’s special about it is that this leveling guide is much more than a leveling guide. It’s a complete strategy guide for Warhammer Online, and it includes various other chapters. My favorite chapter is surely the one about making gold: although not as detailed as the guide I’ll review in a few days, it will certainly be useful to everyone. It gives you a ton of strategies on making gold in War, from playing the auction house (which items can often be bought for low prices and resold for higher), grinding, and making gold with tradeskills/professions.

There’s also a chapter about mastery builds for each career. Although it’s prone to change with various patches coming out all the time, the guild is often updated to reflect the new changes. There’s quite a few builds in there, and while it may not be the best ones, it will most certainly give you a lot of insight on how some of them work.

The RvR chapter includes detailed strategies and tactics you can use when fighting against your opponents. This is THE guide to read if you want to learn about other career weaknesses and strengths, and it’s not something you can find on the average blog or forum about Warhammer Online.

Other chapters were less useful to me, but might be of use to some of you: includes equipment lists and recommendations, Tome of Knowledge unlocks, tradeskills guide and several other.

I definitely recommend getting this guide. It’s worth your bandwidth and will deliver everything you hope for!