Compare Warhammer Online Leveling GuidesHey readers, I hope you’re having a blast leveling up in Warhammer Online. I sure am, working on my third character now with two already at rank 40. I hardly have any time at all to play lately but some of these guides are simply amazing. I’m currently leveling with Ashling’s guide which I also recommend and you wouldn’t believe how incredibly smooth and painless it is.

I also updated my Ashling’s guide review to include the recent addition: a complete RvR guide, featuring all scenarios, Warcamp quests and character builds. It sure is another welcome incentive to get the guide, and you’re welcome to read more about it on Ashling’s website.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I’ve added a page where you can compare Warhammer leveling guides easily, and I really hope it will help make your decision easier. There’s five guides spotlighted there, and you can clearly see the features of each one. Again, it’s obvious Ashling’s guide is a winner, but if for some reason you want to get another guide that chart should help you a lot.

If you still haven’t downloaded a Warhammer leveling guide, you don’t know what you’re missing. Take some time, read my guide reviews, compare them with my new chart and go have some fun!