Guide name: Andrew’s Ultimate Warhammer Gold Guide

Download: Andrew’s Ultimate Warhammer Gold Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Andrew’s Warhammer Gold Guide is currently the only gold-making specific guide on the market. Killerguides and Goblins guide both have chapters talking about making gold, which are quite fine however not as detailed as Andrew’s guide.

There’s 35 pages of real strategies you can actually use regardless of your career. Some are only useful if you’re rank 40, but there’s enough even for those who just started with Warhammer Online. Although it’s not THAT hard to make gold in Warhammer, it’s nice being able to buy whatever item you want or powerlevel your professions without having to grind all the mats. You’ll have more than enough gold for both of those, and that’s the point anyway.

With Andrew’s gold guide, you can make over 100 gold each day, and if you decide to buy that from the goldselling companies and risk your account, you can get less than 200 gold for the price of this guide. Which one do you think is better? That’s a screenshot from an actual gold selling website, and you’re welcome to check the prices yourself on any website.

Gold making chapter in Goblin’s guide also covers some of the strategies described in Andrew’s gold guide, and since you’re getting so many bonuses with Goblins guide I’d recommend buying it rather than Andrew’s. However, if you’re only interested in making gold in Warhammer Andrew’s guide will do more than fine.