Leveling guides for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Goblin’s Warhammer Online Mastery Guide

Guide name: Goblin’s Warhammer Online Mastery Guide

Download: Goblin’s Warhammer Online Mastery Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Goblin’s Warhammer Mastery Guide covers nearly every aspect of Warhammer Online, not only leveling. It’s similar to Killerguides Strategy Guide, just more detailed. Goblin’s guide includes a gold guide, leveling guide for both Order and Destruction, RvR guide, Renown guide, and career guides. It has over 400 pages, great support and a forum where you can discuss it, and is frequently updated.

The leveling guide is 100% complete, includes all areas for both Order and Destruction, and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to complete quests in all tiers and chapters. It also includes awesome tips about RvR, including scenarios and keeps. Doing public quests is also covered and you will learn plenty of useful tips how to increase your chances of winning loot.

The RvR guide will help a lot when it comes to mastering your own career, and knowing everything you need to know about others. It’s a must read for all new players, and also useful for those who are a bit more experienced. Additionally, it features a scenario guide which will show you all you ever wanted to know about them. There’s also instructions on how to earn the most experience and renown from scenarios, and great tips and tricks about reaching renown rank 80 with any career.

Goblin’s Mastery guide also includes a gold guide which shows you real strategies you can start using as early as rank 1 to make seriously high amounts of gold. We’re talking thousands of gold here! Also included is a crafting guide which gives you a quick overview of all tradeskills.

Goblin’s guide certainly beats nearly every other leveling guide on the market, and you want be making a mistake if you get it!

Andrew’s Ultimate Warhammer Gold Guide

Guide name: Andrew’s Ultimate Warhammer Gold Guide

Download: Andrew’s Ultimate Warhammer Gold Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Andrew’s Warhammer Gold Guide is currently the only gold-making specific guide on the market. Killerguides and Goblins guide both have chapters talking about making gold, which are quite fine however not as detailed as Andrew’s guide.

There’s 35 pages of real strategies you can actually use regardless of your career. Some are only useful if you’re rank 40, but there’s enough even for those who just started with Warhammer Online. Although it’s not THAT hard to make gold in Warhammer, it’s nice being able to buy whatever item you want or powerlevel your professions without having to grind all the mats. You’ll have more than enough gold for both of those, and that’s the point anyway.

With Andrew’s gold guide, you can make over 100 gold each day, and if you decide to buy that from the goldselling companies and risk your account, you can get less than 200 gold for the price of this guide. Which one do you think is better? That’s a screenshot from an actual gold selling website, and you’re welcome to check the prices yourself on any website.

Gold making chapter in Goblin’s guide also covers some of the strategies described in Andrew’s gold guide, and since you’re getting so many bonuses with Goblins guide I’d recommend buying it rather than Andrew’s. However, if you’re only interested in making gold in Warhammer Andrew’s guide will do more than fine.

Compare Warhammer Leveling Guides

Compare Warhammer Online Leveling GuidesHey readers, I hope you’re having a blast leveling up in Warhammer Online. I sure am, working on my third character now with two already at rank 40. I hardly have any time at all to play lately but some of these guides are simply amazing. I’m currently leveling with Ashling’s guide which I also recommend and you wouldn’t believe how incredibly smooth and painless it is.

I also updated my Ashling’s guide review to include the recent addition: a complete RvR guide, featuring all scenarios, Warcamp quests and character builds. It sure is another welcome incentive to get the guide, and you’re welcome to read more about it on Ashling’s website.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I’ve added a page where you can compare Warhammer leveling guides easily, and I really hope it will help make your decision easier. There’s five guides spotlighted there, and you can clearly see the features of each one. Again, it’s obvious Ashling’s guide is a winner, but if for some reason you want to get another guide that chart should help you a lot.

If you still haven’t downloaded a Warhammer leveling guide, you don’t know what you’re missing. Take some time, read my guide reviews, compare them with my new chart and go have some fun!

Primagames Warhammer Online Strategy Guide

Guide name: Primagames Warhammer Online Strategy Guide

Download: Primagames Warhammer Online Strategy Guide

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Primagames’ Warhammer Online Strategy guide is one of those guides you never ever want to buy. Really, I’m serious. Clerks usually ask you half a dozen times at Gamestop and other stores if you would like to buy it with your copy of whatever game you’re buying, including Warhammer Online. I should note, yes this is the guide being advertised on the official War website!

First of all, there’s also Atlas, another guide for Warhammer by Primagames which is supposed to have all the instances, public quest locations and maps in general. Well, the Strategy guide has that too, so if for some obscure reason you still want to buy it, at least don’t waste your money on both of the guides.

Second, these guides are outdated. There’s patches and updates to Warhammer being added almost on a daily basis, and since these guides are hard copies they are never updated (ok ok, there is an online .PDF version but it’s not updated anyway). All the guides I reviewed so far have free lifetime updates and the downloads are free for as many times as you want. Also, the authors are very quick to respond to the latest changes made so you always have the most up-to-date guide.

But enough talk about other guides: you’re probably wondering already why this one sucks so much. Unlike in other leveling guides, the maps in Primagames’ guide show you absolutely nothing you can’t discover yourself. Ashling’s, Penn’s, hell almost every other guide has detailed maps with quest locations and secret or hard to reach areas which you normally don’t discover unless you’re really fond of exploring. And yes, most of those locations are worth seeing! Primagames’ guide will only show the maps you can see in-game (or on various websites for that matter).

On another note, this is supposed to be a strategy guide, yet it talks mostly about RvR, and does a very poor job at that too. It tells you basics like you should cast heals if you’re a healer. Duh! There’s really no value in this. Scenario guides might help you if you’re really really new to the whole concept, but the info you’ll get from this guide can be learned in five minutes or less by playing one.

Here’s an excerpt from the shaman guide to give you some idea:

Me offensive spells iz so damaging dey iz hot. Get back all your pointies, I’s gonnashow you me real power. No worries me Destruction buddies, we Shamans will keep you alive wif our healing. Shamans wif da help of almighty Mork can cast powerful healing spells fer one target or da whole group. Dats our main role iz to support da group an’ keep dem healthy. Shamans get range too. No needs to be up close an’ smell dem stinky stunty breath. Cast dem spells from long range.

There’s also a chapter about careers, which is actually not that shabby, if not for the fact it’s outdated. It shows you a comparison of morale abilities, tactics and mastery paths, but did I mention it’s outdated?

To clear up any possible confusion and doubts, I’ll say it again: this thing costs $24,99 and it’s nearly worthless! If you want a really good leveling guide, get Ashling’s Leveling Guide, and if you’re up for a strategy guide grab yourself a copy of Killerguides Warhammer Strategy guide and drool!

Steve’s Warhammer Online Leveling Guide

Steve Ferris Warhammer Elite - Warhammer Online Leveling GuideGuide name: Warhammer Elite Leveling Guide

Download: Warhammer Elite Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Steve Ferris plays Warhammer Online ever since closed beta. He’s a veteran MMO player with years of experience in other online games, and appears to enjoy leveling characters even more than I do. He recently decided to share some of his tricks in his Warhammer Elite powerleveling guide, by providing a complete blueprint to leveling all the way to rank 40 with both Order and Destruction.

His leveling path is close to what you can find in Ashling’s leveling guide (which is a bit better in my opinion). However, it does have certain unique elements which makes the guide special in its own sort of way.

As far as I can tell, all quests and tiers are covered for both Order and Destruction. Steve guarantees you will level up to rank 40 in 8 days, but depending on how much you play each day, it might even be done faster.

The guide has over 200 pages full of leveling routes, quest locations, detailed maps, screenshots… All quests and quest items are linked to WarDB.com for easy reference, although with his clear instructions you’ll rarely need it.

Ashling’s guide is still number one in my book, but if you’re looking for a (more than) decent alternative, Penn’s and Steve’s will do just fine.

Download Steve's Leveling Guide from Rapidshare for free

Killerguides Warhammer Leveling & Strategy Guide

Guide name: The Unofficial Warhammer Online Guide

Download: The Unofficial Warhammer Online Guide

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

This is certainly one of the most detailed leveling guides out there. Not only does it have “the usual” leveling paths and quest walkthroughs found in other leveling guides, but also a bunch of other useful tips and tricks of the trade, like how to take advantage of the killing spree bonuses, gain more renown and experience in various scenarios, how to easily get more contribution points on public quests, hidden grinding spots, the list goes on.

Killerguides guide got a 4/5 rating as a leveling guide, but what’s special about it is that this leveling guide is much more than a leveling guide. It’s a complete strategy guide for Warhammer Online, and it includes various other chapters. My favorite chapter is surely the one about making gold: although not as detailed as the guide I’ll review in a few days, it will certainly be useful to everyone. It gives you a ton of strategies on making gold in War, from playing the auction house (which items can often be bought for low prices and resold for higher), grinding, and making gold with tradeskills/professions.

There’s also a chapter about mastery builds for each career. Although it’s prone to change with various patches coming out all the time, the guild is often updated to reflect the new changes. There’s quite a few builds in there, and while it may not be the best ones, it will most certainly give you a lot of insight on how some of them work.

The RvR chapter includes detailed strategies and tactics you can use when fighting against your opponents. This is THE guide to read if you want to learn about other career weaknesses and strengths, and it’s not something you can find on the average blog or forum about Warhammer Online.

Other chapters were less useful to me, but might be of use to some of you: includes equipment lists and recommendations, Tome of Knowledge unlocks, tradeskills guide and several other.

I definitely recommend getting this guide. It’s worth your bandwidth and will deliver everything you hope for!

Stephen’s Ultimate Warhammer Online Leveling Guide

Guide name: Stephen Fredrick’s Ultimate Leveling Guide

Download: Stephen Fredrick’s Ultimate Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

I got Stephen’s leveling guide about a week after Penn’s and Ashlings, so perhaps I was a little spoiled and expected too much from it. It’s not the best guide out there, but it’s far from useless.

Pretty much all the quests are covered as far as I can tell. At the time when I got it, it was nearly finished so there were some information missing, but Stephen added it a few days later so it’s pretty much done now. All chapters, ranks and tiers are now covered for both Order and Destruction, and if you decide to download it and level up with Stephen’s path, you won’t be making a mistake. Although his methods are a bit unorthodox, it does work quite well and his guide really does help greatly in leveling.

Stephen’s leveling guide also includes maps of all areas, which include chapter quests, warcamps and public quests.

His leveling path does include doing RvR scenarios, so that’s yet another bonus. You’ll be doing it occasionally, unless you want to resort to grinding mobs every few levels.

Unlike Penn’s Leveling Guide and Ashlings Leveling Guide, with Stephen’s you’re also getting a bunch of useful game tips and tricks, including some insider secrets I never heard before. The Leveling & Strategy guide I reviewed has a similar chapter.

Overall, this is a great leveling guide which I can recommend, but I must admit I liked Ashlings better. Ashling’s writing style and leveling path kinda fits my play style more. But that’s just me.

Penn’s 1-40 Warhammer Leveling Guide

Guide name: Penn’s 1-40 Warhammer Leveling Guide

Download: Penn’s 1-40 Warhammer Leveling Guides

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Penn’s leveling guide is quite different from Ashling’s. Although they both have the same goal (getting you to rank 40 as fast as possible, obviously), they have different approaches.

While Ashling’s guide is written for both new players and those who have previous experience from other games, Penn’s guide is more of a “hardcore” guide which tells you to go from point A to point B to point C and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some of you prefer such straightforward approach, and frankly you probably will level up a bit faster like that, but there’s a lot of interesting places you will miss if you don’t deviate from the outlined course at least a bit.

Penn’s Warhammer Online Leveling Guide is all about efficiency. If you don’t care about renown, scenarios and RvR in general this guide is for you. But even if I did level up a bit slower with Ashling’s leveling guide, I must admit I kinda feel I enjoyed the game more: I did see quite a few cool places and learned a few things as well.

On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing there’s no word about scenarios in Penn’s guide. You can still do them regardless if it’s in the guide or not, since you get ported back to where you entered the scenario you won’t be loosing any time.

Quest descriptions and guidelines are quite good, and I doubt you’ll need to check up other places online to figure out what to do and where to go. Those quests which are harder to complete, require a hard to find item or a group are explained in more detail, but most of the time you can safely skip those and do some other, much easier quests. You don’t get a lot of options with this leveling guide, but if you follow to outlined leveling path you can be sure to powerlevel faster than you ever thought possible.

Ashling’s Warhammer Online Leveling Guide

Guide name: Ashling’s Warhammer Online Leveling Guide

Download: Ashling’s Warhammer Online Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Ashling’s Warhammer Online leveling guide is probably the best leveling guide money can buy. It features unparalleled questing paths and walk throughs which cover every single starting area for both Order and Destruction forces. It’s written by three hardcore players who have a lot of past experience in MMOs, and also wrote an awesome World of Warcraft and Age of Conan leveling guide.

All quests (really, ALL quests) are covered in great detail, it’s well written and easy to understand. You will have no trouble following the outlined walk throughs and suggestions. Furthermore, all quest items have coordinates so you never again have to waste time finding that tiny skull on the table in Dark Elf Tier 1 or similar. I should also mention, it does not matter which career you picked up, this guide has you covered.

Unlike some other guides, Ashling’s Warhammer Leveling Guide incorporated scenarios in the leveling path, but if you wish you can easily skip them and get on with the usual quests. However, remember this game is mostly about RvR, and you could use some practice :). Besides, you get a lot of experience, renown and even gold by fighting other players. It can actually be fun!

Ashling’s leveling guide will deliver the promised, no doubt about it. If you’re looking for the best guide for getting you to rank 40 as fast as possible, look no further. I’m not saying other guides suck, but in my opinion this one is nicely written and very easy to follow, and that’s what makes it so good.

P.S. Ashling’s guide now also features an AMAZING RvR guide for every scenario, and even Warcamp quests! Additionally, there’s quite a few career builds which is an absolute must-read.